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The rapid and continuing growth in global demand for skilled trade's workers and professionals has highlighted shortages of candidates with specific job skills and experience. It is no longer enough for candidates to have completed only a basic trade course or generalist university degree.

Candidates must be 'job ready' to meet the demands of international employers, and this involves the acquiring of specific industry and life skills that are often well beyond the scope of their initial basic training. AES works with regional Governments and business corporations to ensure that programs are developed and implemented to provide 'job ready' candidates capable of supporting diversified industries, and contributing to knowledge based economic development.

Candidates undergoing training & assessment Philippines November 2011: Skilled trade candidates undergoing preliminary English language training & assessment by
AES prior to selection for employment in Australia
Robert Armstrong presenting Robert Armstrong presenting to a forum of the South East Asian Ministers of Education - Vocational & Technical
Education Centre( SEAMEO - VOCTECH) on the topic of "Industry Competency Needs in the 21st Century"
- Brunei October 2011. Part of the AES focus and committment on regional human resource development.